Monday, July 2, 2012

2012 Family Olympics!

This week is filled with family-fun activities. We have a bunch of mountain biking planned, cave exploring, night-hikes, swimming in the pool, camp fires, and so much more.

This is the first extended camping trip we've taken with friends. There will be lots of kids running around and reeking havoc. Because we are going to have such a rowdy, large group AND it's the Summer Olympics this year, I thought it would be fun to do a Family Olympic Day!

We've gathered together some old ribbons and medals to hand out as awards. Michelle has put together a treasure box and Kelly is gathering craft supplies . . . The trifecta of Awesome-Mother's have gathered all the ingredients for an awesome day of family mayhem and friendly competition.

Here is our order of events:

Opening Ceremonies: Each family can wear their tie-dye shirts and present their flags (we will make these earlier in the week) at the opening ceremonies. A short bike parade around the campground loop followed by a brief introduction and announcement of the days events.

One Mile Fun-Run: Fun run with kids around campground loop including a shorter-option for the littlest Olympians. Streamers used for a finish line.
Supplies: Ribbons/Medals, Race numbers, Streamers

Recycled Ribbons, Medals, and Race Numbers for the 1-mile Fun Run
(I knew there was a reason I hung onto all this stuff)

M&M Relay: Each family has a large container of M&Ms placed about 20 feet away. Families line-up behind an empty container. Each family has one spoon. One member runs to the container of candy and scoops some out with their spoon then tries to run back without dropping any, then dumps the candy into the empty container. Hand-off the spoon to the next person in line who then repeats the same process. Winning team is the first to fill their empty container.
Supplies: 2 equal size sets of containers per team, plastic spoon/team, lots and lots of M&Ms.

Repurposed Medjool Date Containers to be used in the M&M Relay. 

Lunch and Free Time

Kick-Ball: Like baseball but using a recreation ball. Boys/Men vs. Girls/Women.
Supplies: recreation ball


Water-Balloon Toss: Another family event. Partner up with a family member and toss a water balloon back and forth without dropping it! The team that remains dry is the winner.
Supplies: Water balloons

Scavenger Hunt: Each family will have a list of items they need to collect to complete the scavenger hunt! Look in nature, on the trails, or ask neighboring campers for help!
Supplies: Scavenger hunt list (click here to download mine!), Bags for gathering items, pens/pencils to cross off found items on the list.

This image is taken from "The Creative Homemaker"
and is what I hope my Scavenger Hunt bags will resemble.

My Scavenger Hunt List. See above to download your own!

Awards Ceremony
Fire-Side Celebration with sparklers and s’mores.

More fun games!

Chalk Art Walk: Make a 3 ft. x 3 ft. square on the cement per artist. Have each artist create a masterpiece using sidewalk chalk. This will help create a festive feel for the Family Olympics!
Supplies: Large container of sidewalk chalk

Board Game Tournament: Our families favorite game right now is Camp. This is a perfect camping game to play as a family as there are trivia questions for EVERY family member (even our three year old loves playing!). Pick a couple of board and card games and set up a family tournament. Winners can pick a surprise from the Treasure Chest (toys from the dollar store).
Supplies: Games, cards, dice.

Tie-Dye Everyone loves tie-dying! Click here for simple to follow directions (I'm too lazy to write up my own.)

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